HX 19.1.001 - SAME

Streamlined Advanced Messaging Environment

The COPBOP Information Manager was the wrong solution to the wrong problem. In particular, the idea was to create a universal file system. This solution has been solved with AFS. There was one additional piece of the puzzle... the mechanism to integrate backend logic and frontend notifications. Once solution is to use web services. The other solution is to use messaging. I chose messaging.

The key concept with SAME is to develop sets of abstractions that are "good enough" so that a resource that is similar to another resource can be handled the same way, with only the addressing components changing. From CIM we bring in the concept of a service which is the top level integration point for a collection of related external systems, typically at an organizational level. Next is the concept of the facility which is where the adaptation between external resources and common (SAME) message formats take place. To differentiate between various resources, an address is assigned to any source that can generate messages.

HX 19.1.001 was superceded by HX 19.1.002 on 03 SEP 2019.